Learning With Little Eye

Tips, Tricks and Techniques to write optimized Android Apps

Understanding, debugging and fixing power bugs

A quick guide through what “power bugs” are, how to identify if your app has power bugs, and what you can do to fix them. Understanding, debugging and fixing power bugs from littleeye

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Understanding the Why and What of Android Performance

A deep dive into the various factors that affect performance of your Android Apps, and how to go about addressing performance issues in Apps.

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Identifying (and fixing) a bug in the Google I/O app

Using Little Eye to monitor the official Google I/O 2013 app, we found a bug. Learn about how we narrowed down the cause of the bug, and found and fixed the problem using Little Eye. Read along for a quick overview of how Little Eye can be used to fix problems.

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Integrating Little Eye with Jenkins Server

Jenkins is a continuous integration server that Little Eye can integrate with, which allows for a robust regression analysis framework. Learn how you can use Little Eye along with Jenkins to automatically catch bugs!

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Dogfooding Little Eye: Memory and CPU performance

Mobile Apps are often responsible for terrible battery life of today’s smartphones. Apps sometimes have “Power Bugs” – Bad behaviors that consume too much battery power unexpectedly. These kinds of behaviors can be tracked down easily with Little Eye.

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How To Identify Memory Leaks in Android Apps

On Android phones, memory leaks in Apps are one of the major reasons why Apps crash with an Out-of-memory exception, so it’s important to understand just what a memory leak is and how to identify memory leaks.

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