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Little Eye allows monitoring of all apps built for Android 2.3 or later, including system apps! Once your device is plugged in, Little Eye automatically detects all installed apps on your device - all you need to do is to select an app and start monitoring.

Resource Consumption Trends

Little Eye lets you visualize your app's consumption of system resources, such as power, wireless data, GPS, disk consumption and memory, over the course of a test run. Detailed breakdown of the resource consumption is provided for each resource type.

Event Details & Filters

App-specific and system-wide events, such as garbage collection and error logging can have a significant impact on an app's performance. Little Eye provides visual details about these events and also allows filtering of event details.

Power Insights!

Little Eye records your app's resource consumption, and calculates the power consumed by just your app. See breakdowns of the power consumption by component as well. Not just CPU, Wifi/3G, but also the screen!

Network stats and Instrumentation!

Drill down into your App's network consumption patterns using Little Eye's instrumentation framework. Instrument your app to collect detailed stats with a single click, and get various metrics about each end-point that your app connects to.

Performance Score

Little Eye analyzes the performance of your app in various categories as it runs and computes an overall "performance score" as a letter grade between "A"(light resource consumption) and "F"(very heavy app). You can use this score to figure out how good your app's performance is, and in which categories it needs improvements.

Detailed Reports

Little Eye generates a comprehensive report about the performance of your app, which includes performance analytics and projections, as well as insights and suggestions (experimental in v1.0). Each report also includes breakdown of performance statistics, such as power consumption by various hardware components.

Command Line Mode and Test Automation

Little Eye can run on a command line along side your test automation suite as well, so you can collect performance and regression data as a part of your test suites. Test automation with Little Eye lets you immediately catch performance regressions across multiple devices!

There's more...

  •   Automatic saving of runs
  •   Automatic updates across versions
  •   Manual & automatic heap-dump capture
  •   Monetary value of data consumption
  •   Clean, intuitive, easy-to-use UI
  •   No rooting or modding required