Meet the Little Eye team

Little Eye Labs was founded by a group of program analysis geeks in Bangalore, India. They like to call themselves "ions" (short for "eye-ons")

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    Kumar Rangarajan Chief Ion
    Kumar loves Tools, App Developers and Rajnikanth.
    Born on the same month as the Homebrew Computers club, which inspired both the Steves in their journey to found Apple, Kumar had his first stint in entrepreneurship around the age of 14, when he and his friend started a local lending library. It took him another 23 odd years before the desire to do something on his own resurfaced.
    Long story short, 2012 came, fate intervened, and he founded little eye labs along with his friends, who shared his vision of building a world class product company focussed on solving problems for the new generation of mobile app developers.
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    Satyam KandulaChief Tech Ion
    Satyam is the secret sauce at Little Eye Labs. Eclipse Committer and chef extraordinaire!
    He was a committer of Eclipse, a product used by millions of developers world over. Known for his persistence, he continued at Rational/IBM for 13 years resisting the lure of various lucrative opportunities. Finally, Kumar made him an offer he could not refuse - the opportunity of working with his best friends and an opportunity to create a world class product company from India. He is passionate about the quality of products he develops and is well respected among his peers for his work ethic. He has a Masters from IIT, Kharagpur and multiple patents.
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    Lakshman KakkiralaChief Noisy Ion
    Lakshman is the language lawyer of the gang!
    Lakshman fell in love with compilers during his Bachelors, decided he would do a Masters in CS and scored 10th rank India wide in GATE. In the 15 years of career after Masters from IISc, he has dabbled in diverse fields as well as multiple roles across various organizations like IBM, Rational, Yahoo! and Adobe. With Little Eye Labs, he returns to his first love - program analysis. This is not his first leap of faith. He had jumped off a plane before (solo sky diving) and bungee jumped a few times.
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    Giridhar MurthyChief Engineering Ion
    An ex-Apple engineer at Cupertino, Giri moved back to India for Little Eye and Samosas
    Prior to that, he was a Master's student at the Ohio State University, working on GPU compiler optimizations. He started his career at Rational Software, where he met the other co-founders of Little Eye Labs and had a blast reverse engineering compiled code and writing low-level tools. He has continued working on low-level tools even after moving into the exciting world of graphics and GPUs and plans to continue the journey at Little Eye Labs.

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    Aditya KulkarniChief Product Ion
    Aditya is the "MBA" of the group, but without the pointy hair.
    Aditya is the "MBA" in the group. He used to be a software engineer with Trilogy and Google for 5 years before he went to ISB and crossed over to the dark side, becoming a product manager. He used to work on Google Apps at Google and had a short stint at InMobi, working on their advertising product. He's passionate about building world-class products and high-technology tools.
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    Gaurav Lochan
    Gaurav is our Android Hero, who led Flipkart's Flyte apps.
    Gaurav's career has spanned diverse areas such as networking, multimedia, cloud computing, mobile apps, where he has been an engineer, an architect and a manager. He started programming when he was 7 on a Sinclair ZX81 (then a Spectrum, and a BBC Micro); we hope his code has gotten better over the years :-). He started using Little eye for Flipkart's android apps, and he had so many feature requests, that he decided to join us to get them done.
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    Srikant Sahay
    Srikant switched teams to start finding bugs instead of just fixing them.
    Srikant is the youngest(for now) member of the group. He completed his engineering in IT and joined UTL. He had worked as network engineer for the first 2 years of his career. While there, he grew tired of people pointing out errors and bugs in his code, so he decided to switch teams and start dishing it out to others by becoming a tester. Now at little eye he spends his days (and nights) finding bugs and errors in code.


Meet the Little Eye investors from our early days, who helped Little Eye grow as a small startup.
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  • Ventureast is a pioneering Indian VC fund manager with close to $300 million under management. They have a rich history of investing in innovative businesses across multiple sectors, and multiple stages of a business - from seed and early to growth stages.
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  • GSF Superangels is a network of 20 iconic founders and investors dedicated to providing seed funding to the most promising Indian startups. As former and current founders themselves, this team of Superangels is particularly well-equipped to identify opportunity and talent in the Indian startup ecosystem.


Our former advisors and employees, who were integral in Little Eye's journey.
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    Satheesh Anbalagan
    Satheesh is a self-confessed start-up addict, and was our first and foremost "sales guy". Most recently, he was driving multiple cross functional engineering as well as business programs as a program manager for a global leader in communication and collaboration governance solutions. In the past, he has worked in varied roles across the product, services delivery, project management, sales, business development, business planning/GTM strategy, strategic account management, outsourcing and partner management functions.
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    Jaideep Mirchandani
    Jaideep comes with a rich set of experiences at Google, Teradata, Seer Technologies (startup grew to $120M revenues + IPO) and Relativity. He began life as an engineer, moved to the "other side" (Sales - built a profitable business and Sales team as MD, Relativity India), and was a Product Manager at Google. At Google, he launched products to build out the Enterprise platform. He also led the Reseller product area which drove the distribution of products now considered industry-standard like GMail and Google Drive.
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    Brij Bhasin
    Brij was Little Eye's mentor from GSF Accelerator, where is an Entrepreneur in Residence. He has been Founder and CEO at Boost Tech, which developed Tablet based CRM and Big Data Analytics for the Retail Industry. Prior to founding Boost Tech, as a Product Manager at Pramata Corporation and its 2nd employee he helped create an Enterprise SaaS product in Business Analytics and grew it to 10,000 user base. He is an obsessive reader and recently devoured the entire Game of Thrones series but also has a special corner for non-fiction.